Monday, October 19, 2009

cakes, cakes, and more cakes...

So its been a month or so, but in this last month I have made cakes up the wazoo. I dont know if that's politically correct, but its true. I was dreading cakes! To bake a cake takes patience and precision. So many things could go wrong. I didnt see the point of making a frosting for an hour by scratch, then baking a cake from scratch for another hour than having to wait for another couple hours to frost it than eat it, but my heart has been changed... I hate when that happens. I was going along just fine without liking cakes, then all the sudden I successfully accomplish a good cake and eat a really moist cake so I cave. Darn... here goes my waist line : /

Now, I love making cakes. I've made devil's food cake (chocolate), silver cake(the most "normal" of all the cakes...comparable to box mix), chiffon cake (really moist sponge cake), and am going to now attemt the imfamous genois cake(a sponge cake on crack). Genois is a difficult, tempermental cake that incorporates folded in egg whites and melted butter. Which under any circumstances would be a bad combo, but done right and it is supposd to be the most moist cake someone will ever try. So we will see.

I still have to decide on a cake to do for my final. It is now turning into being a cake show for my friends to make the cut for a final decision. It is a choice between red velvet cake, carrot cake, lemon pineapple chiffon, or an experimental peanut butter jelly cake.. the last one is still in the works. SO well see what happens.

All I do know is, is ever since I've become a baker, I am happier and so are my friends and boyfriend : ) I am slowly realizing that even people who say they dont have a sweet tooth do, and every one is a little bit happier with some sugar in their diet.

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