Monday, February 22, 2010

"This will be a changing day in you life." -Dr. Phil.

I never knew what Dr Phil was talking about when he said that. I new it could happen to people, and that it might happen to me some day in the future when Im old and gray, but I had a life changing moment. Through one small conversation, that the other person has no idea how much they changed my course in life.
On friday, I had a life changing talk with my nutrition teacher. God tugged on my heart to talk to her. It was definitely a divine appointment. We talked for a while. 30 to 45 minutes about life, nutrition, food, different jobs she had, and everything in between. It was great. I know 30 years from now, when Im in whatever job I have, married with kids, and looking back on my life, that comversation will have changed my life.
Before this conversation, I had an interview and got the job through Modesto Junior College being a teacher for kids and cooking. I also, have had a divine appointment and want to get into group exercise training and nutrition. I had no idea how I was going to put it all together, and definitely how to start on this adventure.
After talking with my teacher, she cleared a lot up. She told me who to talk to, and that what I should look into is Public health. It would be helping people with eating disorders, moms to be, children on welfare. All of the types of jobs that actually help people! Exactly what I would love to get into!!! Its so exciting to see the was things are getting narrowed down, some things that are getting pruned out of my life, and things that are getting brought into my life that I never expected.
I have also started making children's birthday cakes. Ive done a spongebob, a dora, and my next adventure will be spider man! I think I am getting interested in learning more about cakes. Its a great business and super fun!! Pictures will be posted!!

But...other than that, new recipes are in the works and I am enjoying school and every class I get to soak in. Summer is going to be a kick in the pants, and I cant wait to see whats in store on this crazy path Im on.

the funniest day...

So, to sum in up. Wednesday was probably the funniest day this semester. Altogether, Wednesdays are just long in general. I have an 8 1/2 hour lab and then lecture after. Its rough, but its all about food so Im happy and in my happy little world. Last Wednesday specifically though was funny. I made soup. Not to hard, but i had never worked with ginger, made stock, and never made soup from scratch before. So from the start it was a nervous task for me to take on. Then to top it off, I spilt veggie oil everywhere, got ginger in my eye, cut two fingers on the same hand, and was tearing up worse than any pms day from cutting a million onions. And, when the soup was done, a lady's comment was that it "tastes like baby food." The flavor was great, but carrot ginger soup is a puree soup. Thats just what it tastes like. Altogether it was so fun though. Me and my lab mates were laughing so hard. Especially Emily. She is a crack up as it is, but we were laughing so hard I almost peed a little. HAH.

As for every other class, I am taking my last general ed class. This English class is amazing, but my teacher is quite the hippy. I love it. I love how we "pinky-up" with a partner at the beginning and end of every class. I am learning to write better than ever before. Maybe a career that combines both is in store!?!? Who knows?