Monday, February 22, 2010

the funniest day...

So, to sum in up. Wednesday was probably the funniest day this semester. Altogether, Wednesdays are just long in general. I have an 8 1/2 hour lab and then lecture after. Its rough, but its all about food so Im happy and in my happy little world. Last Wednesday specifically though was funny. I made soup. Not to hard, but i had never worked with ginger, made stock, and never made soup from scratch before. So from the start it was a nervous task for me to take on. Then to top it off, I spilt veggie oil everywhere, got ginger in my eye, cut two fingers on the same hand, and was tearing up worse than any pms day from cutting a million onions. And, when the soup was done, a lady's comment was that it "tastes like baby food." The flavor was great, but carrot ginger soup is a puree soup. Thats just what it tastes like. Altogether it was so fun though. Me and my lab mates were laughing so hard. Especially Emily. She is a crack up as it is, but we were laughing so hard I almost peed a little. HAH.

As for every other class, I am taking my last general ed class. This English class is amazing, but my teacher is quite the hippy. I love it. I love how we "pinky-up" with a partner at the beginning and end of every class. I am learning to write better than ever before. Maybe a career that combines both is in store!?!? Who knows?

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