Wednesday, December 23, 2009

to eat is to live, to love is to cook....

...this is my motto. On my final for my careers class, it asked what my personal motto would be towards a career in the hospitality industry. I didn't quite understand this, but after some heavy duty pondering on teh subject, this is what I came up with. Kinda after the fact, but thats ok.

I really feel that yes, eating is a necessity (spelling?), but food is not only a way to survive and keep you alive, it is to live. It is a lifeline, and a common ground by which all people co-exist and live together in this vast, crazy world. No matter what is going wron, what kind of day you had, what emotional state you are in, no one can deny good food. Every one needs, wants, and loves to eat. And no one can deny the desire to eat. We need it to support us, to live.

And to love is to cook. Love in my eyes is to give your heart and soul. To put in effort towards more than just yourself towards one thing, person, or goal. Also, to put faith and trust in someone besides yourself.To cook means making sure everything comes out perfect, take time to put a magic touch on every part of the meal to show affection to someone through this creation that was made especially for them. Love makes people happy. Food makes people happy. To me these two make the world go round.

and this is what i would name my cookbook If I get that far one day. NO! let me rephrase that... WHEN I get my cookbook.

Oh and I think Im getting a camera for Christmas, so food pictures will be a result of that for sure!!

and catering went well. I feel like we were on dinner impossible with that really masculine chef dude who does impossible dinners. I know how he feels now. Just on a smaller scale, and not on television, and Im not a buff chef dude. But it was the same. We slaved all day, scoped out the deals at Costco for the perfect tri-tip cuts, then in a flash we dropped it off and we were done. I felt like I just had a baby with him and then we sent it to the adoption agency, dropped it off, and we were done. Didn't get to see it grow up. It was sad...but so worth it! And I feel so much closer to finding my "niche" I feel something brewing. I just really wish I had a direct connection to God's home phone sometimes. I really just want to chat with him. I really want to see what Im meant for sometimes. It would help me out a lot!

But any ways, all finals went well. Classes are over till January. Until then just killin time with baking, and Christmas.Got my books for next semester! Im pumped for nutrition class. woo hoo!


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