Thursday, December 10, 2009


So, here are some updates:
-chef scared the crap out of me and ever since the falling cake incident and mushy bread incident, I thought I was going to fail the class. But thankfully so, I didnt. I re-did my bread final and it came out amazing. Cinnamon raisin bread mmm. Let's just say I got an A. And as for my cake, he said it wasnt my fault that it fell over. YAY! So baking is over with! Im excited about that.
-Me and Matt have a catering job this friday. Only for 20 people, but it is for the nursing board at Stan State. And Matt wants to be a nurse, so this is pretty much a make or break job. So, crossing my fingers that it goes well!
-Up at Columbia, there are weird things that I have never experienced. SNOW DAYS!! Here in Modesto I have never seen it snow, let alone have a snow day.
-I got my classes for next semester. B lab, which is more extensive cooking class. We actually get to do more than prep sandwiches and over easy eggs. This class will be so fun to dive into the fine details of cooking and the "real stuff." Also, I will be taking a nutrition class. Hopefully this makes me realize what I am consuming so I stop eating all this junk food crap that I hate to say that I love.

as for now, it is winter break! Finally, no more finals, no more classes until January. So until then it will be at home cooking...

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