Wednesday, October 28, 2009

my vision...

I would love to own a bakery cafe. I would serve breakfast, brunch and lunch. I would have fresh pastries, yummy sandwiches, fresh baked breads, and great coffee. It would have many comfy couches and a very homey atmosphere. It would feel like your house but much better food. It would cater to any one and everyone. I would have random art classes, and cooking demonstrations once or twice a month and would support my local community and churches. I would have a diverse menu, but with some oldies but goodies. It would be a place to eat, enjoy, and relax. I think a place that is a great place is one that gets every sense flowing. When you walk in you smell the smells of chocolate and bread and spices all working together, you see colorful flowers and plates and coffee mugs, you taste the great flavors in the food, and you feel the warm fire from the fire place or the nice comfy couches, and you hear people saying "HEY HOW ARE YOU TODAY?" or you hear great music and the sound of mixers and espresso machines..

things i must have:
-breakfast sandwiches
-coffee/espresso bar
-fresh bread and pastries
-wine and fancy mimosas
-purple and red and orange
-comfy couches
-funny nice people who smile a lot
-a deck or porch..outside seating with tea lights and comfy outdoor furniture
-catering/preordering music or just great music playing
-great soup and stews
-fire place
-free wi fi
-paintings and art
-community bulletin board

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pomme de terre said...

I love the lists, it reminds me of what I do sometimes! What school are you going to? A culinary school??? Wow if i live close to your store, i will definitely be a regular!