Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Well, so far so good. Except a 7:30 class, with an hour commute before hand. Dont get me wrong, I am a morning person....sometimes, and I enjoy the drive up to the mountains. Its just going to be a hard adjustment to wake up at 5 am, when I am used to waking up at 11 during the summer, but owell I will adjust when I think of the yummy croissants and tastes tests I get to do in class shortly after I wake up.
I love Columbia. The library, the trees, the people.It is such a change from my busy town of Modesto. People are a little bit hippy-ish, and are definitely "mountain" people. But I love the slow way of life and relaxed pace of the classes. Small class sizes, and mellow teachers make for less stress. And once I get cooking I know it will come in handy for the teacher to know my name when he's yelling at me about burning my group's french bread. I just hope I make a good impression and not be "that girl" whos known for a huge disaster in the kitchen...
My 6 hour baking class was the first on the agenda today. It was amazing just to see what we will be up to in that bakery. Even hearing about the final assignment makes me anxious to get my hands on the rolling pin. I can smell the butter in the air already!
My only worry is that...sigh...I am not a baker by nature. It is such a science and cooking is an art. I am definitely not a scientist. I am a gray area artist when it comes to food. I can add a dash of salt here or a pinch of cinnamon there to alter a recipe when it comes to cooking, but baking is TOTAL OPPOSITE. One mistake and your souflee is droopy or your whipped cream is just really stiff milk. I am trying to have faith that my culinary instincts will kick in and help me out and that it wont matter that I failed chemistry when I try for that perfect chiffon cake.
I still have two classes to go, and I think they are more of my forte'....Intro to hospitality management (front of the house stuff: serving, running the front of a restuarant or hotel...the management aspect) and intro to food prep (slicing,dicing and spicing). These will be a breeze hopefully. Again I will not know what to expect, but I have a feeling I'll fit right in.

Oh...and the best part is....I GET TO WEAR A CHEFS UNIFORM!! HAT,COAT,APRON AND ALL!!!! lOOKING GOOD! ; )

***"mise en place": everything in its place or ready to go.(To me this is when you see the little food dishes already prepped for the food network people, this is a french term for dirting many dishes, just so you dont make a mistake when baking/cooking)

-THE HEART ROCK CAFE is the best little cafe.Its in downtown Sonora. Free wireless internet, live entertainment on weekends, yummy food and treats, and the owners are Christian..wow!

-They have mixers that are 80 QUARTS! they make your mama's kitchen aid look tiny!

***If you burn anything when baking, DO NOT throw anything out. There is a way to save it most of the time.
-if you burn cookies, add a little more butter, and sugar/vanilla and make pie crust out of them

hopefully I will have more and more tips as my classes go on. But until then, thats all she wrote : )

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